ROXBURY, NJ - Getting around Roxbury, even on foot, stands to become very hazardous this evening as plummeting temperatures will turn damp spots on untreated roads and sidewalks to ice patches.

All areas of North Jersey will be below freezing by 7 p.m. and the cold air will feel even more brutal as winds will gust up to 45 m.p.h. during the evening, according to the National Weather Service. The wind could make even plowed roads dangerous as it blows the snow around. Single-digit temperatures are predicted for some areas while most will not make it above the teens.

The Roxbury Road Department's supply of salt is satisfactory for now, but issues with getting salt deliveries might cause problems as the winter progresses. "We're having transportation trouble with getting salt," said Roxbury Public Works Director Richard Blood. "We don’t get our deliveries as fast as we like."

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Blood said the township ordered 2,000 tons of salt two weeks ago and was expecting it to be delivered two days ago, but the shipment was delayed. "We're not going run out," he stressed. "We just don’t have all we'd like to have on hand."

Blood said the salt suppliers try to ensure all their customers get at least "a little" even if they don't receive all the order. The salt for Roxbury comes into Newark on barges or freighters, said Blood. "It's unloaded at Port Newark and trucked directly to state and local salt sheds," he said. "A lot of it comes from South America."
Roxbury usually spreads pure mined salt, not a salt and sand mixture. "We use straight salt as much as we can," Blood said. "If it's really cold and the salt won't melt the ice, we will introduce some sand into the mix."

However, Blood said this practice is avoided because it makes roads dirty. "People in New Jersey are used to driving on black roads," he said. "Places like Maine and Vermont use more sand because they can't melt the snow and ice because it's so cold there. Here we can expect the snow will melt with the salt."