ROXBURY, NJ – Nobody would complain if the Roxbury High School Interact Club said it was finished raising money to help Christina Alecci Adamski, a Roxbury graduate suffering from a nasty case of Lyme disease.

But the Interact Club, a high school arm of the Roxbury Rotary Club, is not ready to call it quits.

Interact, which initially sought to raise $3,000, needs just $1,500 to reach its new (and final) goal of $25,000, said Roxbury Rotary Club President Steve Alford.

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The group raised nearly $17,000 in about 50 days through a gofundme site. The rest of the money came from bracelet and T-shirt sales that involved the Roxbury High School Student Council and the school’s soccer teams. Valley Pharmacy owner Sam Maddali recently gave the effort a big boost by buying about $1,800 worth of bracelets at a recent Rotary Club function.

Alford and some Interact members met Tuesday to do some math. Afterward, he sent an email to all 380 club members. “As we sit here tonight, between our gofundme site, the bracelets, student council selling the T-shirts and both the boys and girls soccer clubs, we are at $23,500!!!!!!!” wrote Alford. “We need one final push to raise $1,500. “

Alford said Adamski’s family believes it will take all of the $25,000 to successfully treat the woman. She is seeing a Lyme disease specialist whose services are not covered by her health insurance, he said.