ROXBURY, NJ – The Roxbury High School Interact Club’s online campaign to raise money for a former Roxbury student suffering from Lyme disease is well on its way toward an initial goal of $3,000 by Oct. 10.

The GoFundMe campaign on behalf of Christina Alecci Adamski surpassed $2,000 Friday afternoon. The response prompted Roxbury Rotary Club President Steve Alford to issue a public statement of thanks.

“Just an update on the Roxbury Interact and Roxbury Rotary's goal to raise $3,000 for Christina in the GoFundMe site: In less than 24 hours, you all have raised $2,000 already,” said Alford. He said Interact Club member Kaila Mathis shared his appreciation.

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“We hope that we can all make a final push and reach our goal to help this woman by the end of this holiday weekend,” said Alford.

The Rotarians and the Interact Club, a Rotary-related youth organization at the high school, are aiming for $3,000 by Oct. 10 so Adamski can go to a Lyme disease specialist who is not in her health insurance network. Doctors in her network have been unable to help Adamski.

The GoFundMe site called “Team Christina – Beat Lyme!” has a total campaign goal of $25,000, and additional fundraising efforts are planned, including some to take place at an Oct. 16 Roxbury Gaels football game, said Mathis.