Dear Editor,

Yesterday's thrashing of the Roxbury Boys Lacrosse team at the hands of Delbarton was as unbalanced as the final score. A private school such as Delbarton can take students and athletes from all over New Jersey as well as from other states. Private schools are not bound by the same rules as public schools, unless you're Wayne Hills that is. But that's a story for another day.

The fact that private schools essentially recruit athletes from all over the state and other states  gives them the opportunity to amass a wealth of talent, and they do. Delbarton has won the Morris County tournament the last four years and seven times in the last 10 years and has very easily reached the finals this year by outscoring their opponents 54-8. One can easily conclude something is amiss.

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Should private schools have tighter restrictions on who they allow to play sports when they play in the public school league? Should Delbarton, located in Morris Township, be forced to allow only those athletes to participate to only those residing  in Morris County? (Which would not include students living on their campus.) Or should private schools not be allowed to participate in any public school leagues? And if they do participate should it be counted?

As far as I can surmise, Delbarton should not be permitted to play in any public school leagues as long as they allow athletes from outside of the Morris Township area to participate in their sports programs. If they cannot abide by this simple rule, they should not be allowed to participate in any public school league.

If Delbarton were not in the Morris County Public School Lacrosse Tournament, and I use the words "Public School" because every team in this tournament is a public school with the exception of one, Delbarton, the outcome would be different and schools that were eliminated from advancing by Delbarton could still be playing. Or at least been given a fighting chance.

What do you think?

Thank you,

Joe Shadel

Editor's note: Joe Shadel's son plays lacrosse for Roxbury High School. Joe Shadel also helps TAPinto Roxbury cover boys lacrosse by contributing game reports.