ROXBURY, NJ - You could almost hear Roxbury firefighter Lauren Kelly's teeth chattering as she wrapped herself in a towel, fresh from climbing out of the dunk tank. It was Saturday night at the St. Therese Carnival in Succasunna, and Kelly was sacrificing body temperature in the name of fundraising.

"If the wind blows, that's the worse part," she said through trembling lips. As she spoke, or attempted to speak, a band played Johnny Cash, people waited in long lines for pizza, tykes on kiddie rides waved to moms with cameras and teens strolled slowly while holding hands.

Nothing says "summer" in Roxbury like the arrival of the annual carnival at Horseshoe Lake Park, a bargain - at $1 per person - in an age of expensive entertainment.

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However, it didn't really feel like summertime to Kelly, one of four women firefighters in Roxbury Fire Company No. 1. As she was replaced on dunk tank duty by a firefighter wearing waterproof ice rescue garb, the bathing suit-clad 20-year-old was pretty much done with taunting people to hit the target, especially those who couldn't hit the side of a barn.

"One kid said, `Ha ha! I'm not leaving until Lauren gets dunked,'" she said. 

She'd been in and out of the Dunk a Hero tank for a half-hour.The sun was setting, the temperature dropping. It was time to call it a night.