ROXBURY, NJ – New looks for many roads across Roxbury are coming “starting tomorrow,” said Roxbury Department of Public Works Director Richard Blood in a Township Council “neighborhood meeting” Tuesday night.

The 2018 portion of the roads being repaved are in the Landing, Succasunna and “Mountain” areas (referring to Mooney Mountain) according to the township Paving List. Roads having the most work done are Dell Road and Larson Lane in Landing; Paul Drive, Corn Hollow Road and Commerce Boulevard in Succasunna; and Kurt Drive and Mountain Lane in the “Mountain” area.

The 2019 portion adds Third Street in Kenvil and Main Street in Ledgewood while still working on other roads in the 2018 areas. The main roads consist of Vail Road, Oneida Avenue and Ford Road in Landing; Toby Drive and Forest Drive in Succasunna; and Mooney Road and Conkling Road in the “Mountain” area.

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“We have a lot of catch-up to do,” Blood said at the meeting, conducted at the Roxbury Fire Co. #3 firehouse in the Lower Berkshire Valley section of Roxbury.

The township has allocated $980,000 for the paving, and funding for next year’s work has increased to around $1.5 million, said officials.

In determining which roads are to be repaved, Blood said that “age, traffic and complaints” all play a part. He also added that “there’s always roads to get bumped,” so high priority roads may also be fixed if funds are left unused.

If residents have problems with specific local roads, Blood advised calling the Department of Public Works at 973-448-2069.