ROXBURY, NJ – The Roxbury High School Interact Club is hoping township residents will come together to help Christina Alecci Adamski, a Roxbury graduate suffering from a debilitating case of Lyme disease.

The club, affiliated with the Roxbury Rotary Club, wants to raise at least $3,000 by Oct. 10 so Adamski, a former Roxbury High School scholar and athlete, can be seen by a Lyme disease specialist.

They’ve set up a GoFundMe site called “Team Christina – Beat Lyme!” and there will be other fundraising efforts at an Oct. 16 Roxbury Gaels football game, said Roxbury Interact Club member Kaila Mathis.

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“Christina …  is 25 years old, married and unfortunately now living with her mother because she cannot take care of herself,” said Mathis in an email. “Christina has been sick since last November, and because she could not offer a date where she could go back to work, she has lost her dream job.”

Adamski could not be contacted. Mathis and the GoFundMe site stress that Adamski – who has a master’s degree from Stevens Institute of Technology – was full of hope and aspiration not long ago, but is now in desperate need of money for alternative treatment because the doctors she’s been seeing have not been successful.

Adamski’s form of Lyme disease and, possibly, other tick-related infections, “has left her unable to let even a shirt touch her back, to do anything from her normal life or to even walk more than a few steps” without somebody helping, said Mathis. The disease cost Adamski her “dream job” with Stryker Orthopedics, where she was making specialty instruments for knee and hip surgery.

“It’s clear that Christina needs help,” said Mathis. “But since Lyme disease is so under-represented in the medical world, the only doctor who could actually heal her at this point is out-of-network, and the treatments will not be covered by insurance. Christina's level of disease is not simply curable by six weeks of antibiotics. She needs very intense treatments that cost way too much for a 25-year-old who just lost her job” to be able to afford.