ROXBURY, NJ - Lincoln/Roosevelt School music teacher Kate Katz said it was exciting for her students to practice recently with their Roxbury High School counterparts and she expects similar joint rehearsals will become regular events.

Band members from both schools participated in a combined rehearsal late last month to prepare for the district Band Concert. Katz said it went well.

“We coordinated this day with the high school in order to strengthen the band community within the district and utilize the resources within our full grades 5-12 program to create a learning experience for all students,” she said.

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The rehearsal was particularly important for the oldest students at the elementary school.

“Though this occurred on just the one day, we plan to make events like this more of a regular thing in the future,” Katz said. “In addition to this day, we also regularly have RHS students visit during their Senior Option time to sit in, play along and help students in band classes and lessons at L/R.”

Katz said she hopes her students take away some insight and helpful hints regarding their music as they prepare, having heard it being performed by more advanced musicians.

“I hope that integration with the RHS students has inspired and will inspire my students to continue band during their middle and high school years,” said the teacher. “I hope that all students involved took away the idea that band isn’t just a class … In a place like Roxbury, it’s a thriving, interactive community offering enriching experiences that extend far beyond the classroom setting.”

Roxbury High School student participants included Kristin Andlauer (Gr 11), Kayla Bouvier (Gr 10), Garrett Dexter (Gr 12), Courtney Graf (Gr 10), Dan Inge (Gr 12), Patricia Lalo (Gr 11), Gabby Maroulis (Gr 11), Kassandra Matiz (Gr 12), Cyle Morris (Gr 11), Anna Smith (Gr 10), Hannah Smith (Gr 9), Rhiannon Speer (Gr 11), Aidan Straut (Gr 10), Zach Stevens (Gr 11), Katie Walsh (gr 11), and Kaitlyn Winters (Gr 10).

Lincoln/Roosevelt sixth-grade student participants were: Alison Alvardo, Brennan Andrews, Paige Beal, Matt Biczak, Anthony Blehl, Anna Bokor, Dan Borrelli, Alex Brinkman, Owen Campbell, Sankalp Chandesh, Joe Christel, Ashley Christie, Santiago Codoceo, Jayden Cooper, Max Corsi, Josefina Cotero, Gabby Daskalova, Brendan Day, Elena Domin, Weston Edelman, Stephen Ellison, Ashley Eng, Sean Feeney, Alanis Figueroa Diaz, Joe Fragale, Connor Francis, Hunter Gabloff, Juliana Garces, Karl Graef, Emily Grodzki, Dan Hall, Will Kisatsky, Jase Kontozoglus, Riley Kovalcik, Finn Krause, Filip Lazaroski, Michael Lopez, Jeremy Maida, Madison Marchesi, Justin Masi, Joe Matits, Cesar Matxwell, William McPeek, Angelina Mejia, Max Morris, Ava Nack, Diya Narayan, Matt O’Leary, Kamiye Ogunyankin, Ethan Olmsted, Carter Olmsted, Tyler Orban, Cassie Otnisky, Evan Paddock, Josh Palumbo, Brian Patoilo, Mikayla Provenzano, Aaliyana Santiago, Thomas Simmerano, Melanie Skeparoska, Simmone Sotelo Gould, Kendra Sparano, Angelina Stigliano, Jacob Stuart, Nick Terreo, Ava Thomas, Stephen Whiteman, Wyatt Whittenberg, Timmy Wilk, James Winters, Ella Yarznbowicz, Christopher Yepes, and Ian Ziomek.