ROXBURY, NJ -- With the help of Towne Toyota, customers of Cliff’s Ice Cream will soon have an improved alternate access and exit point to choose from, based on the outcome of Tuesday’s Roxbury township council meeting.

Towne Toyota will reconstruct a paved roadway on Kings Parkway, a "paper" road which runs parallel to Route 46 behind the popular ice cream shop in Ledgewood. The road is presently “substandard,” has poor drainage and is hardly used, Towne's attorney, Ronald Heymann, said at the meeting.

But that could change with proper enhancements, he argued.

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“Once that road improves, there’ll be a significant amount of traffic that will want to come out the back [way exiting Cliff’s] rather than fight and try to get onto (46),” Heymann said.

Kings Parkway connects to Route 46 through Roxbury Avenue and Arlington Avenue, which make up the other half of the roads surrounding Cliff’s.

In June, Towne Toyota was granted approval to use the former Trebour Motorcycles building on Arlington Avenue as its service facility. The dealership decided to fix up the road in order to provide a more efficient route transporting its vehicles between sites.

As for Arlington Avenue, “Our purpose is that we’re going to use this road to ferry 10 or so, maybe 15 cars a day from the main building to the repair shop,” Heymann said. “There’s not going to be any [customers] on site. The employees are going to be on site, but nobody’s going to come pick up their car there. Everything's going to be run out of the main building.”

The roads will be a relatively thin 24 feet wide, and although Heymann and Towne Toyota CEO Susan Brauer pushed for not installing curbs to spare some expenses, the council ultimately voted 5-1 in favor of keeping them for drainage and parking reasons.

Towne Toyota will not be forced to install sidewalks, as there is very little pedestrian traffic present and having them “would place to some extent a burden on those abutting properties because [their owners] would be obligated to maintain that sidewalk,” Roxbury township planner Russell Stern said.

The road will cost about $100,000 for Towne Toyota to construct, Heymann said, adding that the improvements to the road could also benefit Muldoon’s and residents of the local neighborhood.