ROXBURY, NJ – Already blessed by the existence of the Heard family’s annual “Halloween House,” Halloween lovers in Roxbury can have even more fun by navigating their way to the home of Danny and Marianne D’Amico.

As they do for Christmas, the D’Amicos make great use of their corner lot at 23 Walker Ave. in Succasunna on Halloween by stuffing it with holiday decorations, lights and other creations.

“On Halloween night, we will be playing Halloween music and spooky sounds,” said D’Amico. “We’re not doing that leading up to Halloween because it might aggravate the neighbors.”

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He said he has at least 50 plastic skeletons scattered about his front yard, about 15 spooky blow-ups, tons of orange lights and a vast assortment of the other Halloween requirements: Spiders, ghosts, coffins, monsters.

“There’s a toxic waste dump that I made with sheet metal,” D’Amico noted.

The main goal of the display is to delight Halloween visitors, but D’Amico said he hopes the display will also serve to remind people about his Christmas display. He wants to attract as many generous visitors to that attraction because the family uses it as a fundraiser for Roxbury Social Services.