ROXBURY, NJ - A Roxbury family is inviting everyone to come see their home's holiday light show and, if they do, to donate money for a local boy battling a brain tumor.

Rob and Melissa Katz, of 56 Parkview Drive in Succasunna, are collecting the donations on behalf of Matt Adonis, a Roxbury 4th-grader who was found in September to have a brain tumor. There have been several other fundraisers for the youngster and an online GoFundMe page on his behalf has collected about $18,000 in donations.

Katz, a former police officer who now drives a Roxbury school bus, is close to the Adonis family having coached Matt in ice hockey for about five years. "I've seen other people with light displays take donations and I thought, `What a great way to raise a few dollars,'" he said. "I might make a few hundred bucks for them."

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This is the second year Katz took the plunge into the world of extensive holiday lights. Last year he said he had "a few thousand lights," but for 2017, Katz went big.

"This year I upped it and have 22,000 lights," he said. "I might add more."

The lights flash to music. Katz said programming that aspect of the display is complicated and time-consuming. He said it took him seven hours to program the lights to flash in time with one Trans Siberian Orchestra song.

"I think I have about 12 different songs," he said. "I will try to change it weekly. I'm working on more songs."

Katz said he will set up a locked box, beneath his mailbox, into which people can put their donations.