ROXURY, NJ - Roxbury High School staff and students will practice Thursday the steps they should take during an emergency school evacuation, a drill that involves heading to safe haven in Mount Olive.

Called a "reunification drill," the effort will entail pretending that a gas leak is taking place, said the school district in a statement.

Roxbury is working with the Mount Olive school district for the drill. Mount Olive High School will serve as the destination for those displaced from Roxbury High School.

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"Reunification is used in an emergency when students and staff would need to be relocated due to any issue that makes the current location unsafe, such as a gas leak, harmful invaders, concern over the safety of a physical structure, etc.," said the district. "The purpose of this drill is to allow the building leaders an opportunity to assign responsibilities, check the functioning of technology, work with emergency personnel to coordinate efforts and identify resources."

Mount Olive High School  is just one of our options for reunification and the one we have selected for this practice," said Roxbury Schools Superintendent Loretta Radulic in a statement.

She said parents of students who volunteered and are involved with the drill "have been in communication" with Roxbury High School Principal Dominick Miller.”

“It is important to Roxbury School District that the community is aware of this practice and that it is clear that this is a drill only where we are imagining a gas leak at Roxbury High School as the cause for reunification,” Radulic said. 

“In the event of a true emergency, I have no doubt that both Roxbury and Mount Olive communities would work together to support emergency plans," Radulic said. "While a drill is also a disruption to the usual educational process, we hope you would understand the importance of practicing for such emergencies."

She and Mount Olive Schools Superintendent Robert Zywicki created a video on Monday in which they discussed the reunification drill: