ROXBURY, N.J. - Roxbury school officials are working with their counterparts in Mendham to find a new date for the Roxbury High School homecoming football game postponed due to a hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak in Mendham. 

Roxbury High School Athletic Director Stuart Mason said the big game, which was supposed to take place tonight (Friday, Sept. 30) might happen "at the end of the season." He noted there are many schools in the area facing the same problem. 

"The postponement was a decision we made in the best interest of the health and safety of our students," Mason said. "We are working up a date to play it now. We're coordinating that now. We're going to play the game, we're just trying to figure out when." 

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Mason said the goal is to have the game on a Friday night. He said "playoff implications for both teams can change the schedule" but – because other schools' games have been canceled due to the virus - "everybody is keeping Thanksgiving weekend open" so that might be an option. 

Homecoming and the homecoming game are "important events for the school and the community," but postponing the big night was the right thing to do in a 'better safe than sorry' sense, Mason said. "When you talk about how it's spread, there is a lot of concern," he stressed. "You don’t want to have anybody get sick."