ROXBURY, NJ - The Roxbury High School Annual Senior Awards Ceremony took place on Wednesday and 150 seniors from the Class of 2018 were recognized for academic achievement and scholarships. A special award was presented to retiring school principal Jeffrey Swanson.

Students who earned 3.75 GPA yearly for four years of high school were also awarded a Renaissance medal they can wear at graduation Swanson said there were 95 more Renaissance scholars recognized this year than last year.

Swanson also presented the valedictorian and salutatorian medals to sisters Karly Forker and Kelsey Forker.

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Prior to wrapping up the evening, Eisenhower Middle School Principal Dominick Miller stepped up to the microphone to recognize Swanson for his leadership and commitment to Roxbury High School. Miller will become the high school principal in July.

He said the high school principal sometimes gives out an award known as the Principal’s Cup. This goes to a student that is diligent in their academic excellence, committed to the school, and is dedicated to the school for four years at Roxbury.

“The high school administration and myself were able to finagle some things this year and we’re going to recognize someone who has been committed, loyal and represented Roxbury High Schoolnot for four years but for 15 years," Miller said, presenting the award to Swanson.

To this announcement, the students erupted in applause and cheers along with the chants of “Swan Daddy.”

Swanson will retire June 30 after 15 years at the helm of Roxbury High School.

The following seniors were recognized for their achievements: David Abraham, Madison Amdur, Kristin Andlauer, Daniella Andreotta, Yanika Arevalo Rodriguez, Ashley Armstrong, Chelsea Bailey, Jocelyn Barmore, Justin Barnhard, Jessica Bartelloni, Emily Bazewicz, Melina Biamonte, Yvanna Bijelic, Vianca Blandura, Donovan Brady, AnnaMarie Breitfelder, Chloe Bryan, James Burke, Selena Bustos, Grace Byrne, Victoria Cahill, Gianna Canzonieri, Julianna Carey, Mackenzie Castle, Daniel Chadourne, Walter Chavarria, Kaytlynn Chey, Mackenzie Coakley, Katherine Connell, Matthew Cordileone, Lyndsey Corsi, Gavin Coulthurst

Natalie Decena, Veronica DeGloria, Alexis DeNure, Michael DePinho, Christine DiGioia, Charles Dilangalen, Jacob Dino, Grace DiStano, Jayelee Domenick, Jenna Egan, Tara Egan, Todd Feliciano, Samantha Fellman, Kaitlyn Forker, Karly Forker, Kelsey Forker, Brynn Freund, Amanda Gale, Angel Garcia, Jason Gil, Cassidy Gilroy, Richard Gorgas, Laura Grant, Jessica Grenot, Kasey Hayde, Michael Hayde, William Hefferle, Franki Hrelja, Nicole Infermo, Vincent Intiso, Emma Karnitsky, Miranda Kaufman, Bailey Keane, Stephen Keltos, Hannah Kennedy, Adam Kriegsfeld, Matthew Kronenberg

Patricia Lalo, Boyan Lazarov, Rachel Lessig, Kylie Lew, Toriano Lewis, Louise Lichtenberg, Brandon Longtine, Alex Manohar, Gabrielle Maroulis, Madison Martino, Kyle Massage, Emily Mayor, Veronica McClosky, Michael Medina, Jessica Michaels, Storm Moeller, Alyssa Molina, Grace Monaghan, Amanda Moreira, James Morley, Jonah Nack, Neema Njoroge, Kyle Norris, Michael O’Connor, Sophie Olsen, Samantha Osetec, Kaitlyn O’Shea, Skylar Peia, Madison Pisani, Marissa Primo, Alison Ramage, Laura Raquet, Corinne Rasmussen, Karoline Rebellon, Casey Regetz, Ryan Reimers, Charlie Rinaldi, Rachel Roberts, Luis Rodriguez, Richard Rohlfs, Kevin Rosado, Michael Roumes, Gretchen Ruoff

Bethany Sansone, Alexa Scano, Ethan Schwartz, Lexi Segall, Andrea Serrano Trujillo, Jenna Shirkey, Natalie Shulkowski, Sean Smeith, Sophia Solano, Emily Song, Meghan Spino, Jessica Spitzer, Lisa Stites, Matthew Stone, Cody Strauss, Juliet Testa, Sean Tom, Kendall Torpin, Kelly Tucker, Evan VanBeirt, Rhiannon VanOrden, Nyomi Vasquez, Julia Viparina, Nicholas Vitiello, Trinh Vu, Danielle Wachter, Sarah Waldron, Allison Walsh, Kathleen Walsh, Jacob Wargon, Patrick Williams, Hailey Womer, and Mikayla Wood.