ROXBURY, NJ – They hoped to sell $50 worth of lemonade last week, planning to give the money to the families of the five recently slain Dallas policemen. They ended up selling triple that amount.

So on Monday, Cameron, Nate and Kendall Fehsal, joined by their grandmother, Anita Fehsal, will bring $150.15 the Roxbury Police Department and ask that the money be sent to Texas.

“Their reason for doing this is grandma, which is me,” said Fehsal. “I try to teach kids to do for others. That's my goal in life. I have 14 grandchildren - seven are in the Roxbury school system. To me, if I can get this into my grandkids’ heads, to always help other people, I feel like I've done a good job.”

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Cameron, 12, Kendall, 11 and Nate, 9, sold the 50-cents-per-cup lemonade from a stand by their house on Honeyman Drive in Succasunna.

It wasn’t their first foray into lemonade-based generosity; Fehsal said the trio tries to do something similar every year (although they missed 2015). She said their 2014 proceeds were donated to St. Jude Children Research Hospital.