ROXBURY, NJ – The township today announced the roll-out of a “really great and useful tool” to help residents be good recyclers, said Roxbury Recycling Coordinator Kellie Ann Keyes.

By using the “Recycle Coach” platform - either as a smartphone app on their mobile devices or through a link on the township’s website - residents can do the following, she said:

• Stay organized with custom curbside collection and events calendars

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• Receive collection reminders and real-time updates on service disruptions

• Become recycling experts with a comprehensive "What Goes Where?" search tool, including local disposal information and collection requirements for common and uncommon items

• Take the "What Type of Recycler Are You?" quiz for useful recycling tips and tricks

• Use the problem-reporting tool, equipped with geo-location, to notify municipal customer services about issues like missed collections

“The service takes the guesswork out of recycling, empowering residents to make smarter disposal decisions and take an active approach to reducing household waste,” said Keyes in a press release. “For Roxbury, this can help increase recycling rates and decrease contamination in the community’s recycling stream.”

In an interview, she said the system allows people to type in their address. It then determines their trash and recycling collection route and provides information about recycling, including what items are supposed to be recycled on which days.

“It helps us eliminate a lot of questions residents may have,” Keyes said. “It’s designed to help make recycling and solid waste information more accessible to the residents. I can update it with information, such as whether we’re not having trash collection on a certain day … It’s very user-friendly. I’m trying to encourage all residents to use it.”

People can use the system to set reminders so they receive alerts to put out their recycling, she noted.

Keyes said the township will continue to include trash and recycling pickup information on the paper calendar that is distributed. But she said the new Recycle Coach is “better than the calendar” in a number of ways, especially for people who rely on their smartphones a lot.

“Everyone is on the go and they want all the information at their fingertips,” she said. “This app is just very easy to use … Although the paper calendars are helpful and people still like using them, sometimes all the residents don’t receive them.”

To download the free app, search for “Recycle Coach” at the iTunes Store or on Google Play. Those who want to access it through their desktop or laptop computers can do so by following this link.

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