ROXBURY, NJ – Parking would be banned, at least part of the time, on one side of Eyland Place in Succasunna under a proposal being considered by Roxbury officials.

The request to limit parking on the road came from Roxbury Police Sgt. Steve Curtis, who sent a letter to the Roxbury Mayor and Council last month and appeared at the panel's Dec. 13 meeting to discuss the matter.  

Eyland Place runs parallel to, and north of, Route 10, connecting Eyland Avenue with Railroad Avenue. It runs behind a number of Route 10 businesses whose employees and customers might be using it for parking during busy periods. 

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Curtis said he'd been contacted by a resident who complained that cars were parking on both sides of the small street, sometimes blocking driveways. The sergeant said he agreed with the resident's concern that emergency vehicles, particularly fire trucks, might not be able to navigate the street when cars are parked on both sides.  

He pointed out that the problem mainly occurs during weekdays when patrons of businesses situated between Route 10 and Eyland Place run out of parking spots. 

"It is difficult to navigate a patrol vehicle down the road and I agree fire apparatus would not be able to access houses on the road if needed," Curtis said in his letter. "I suggest that vehicles only be allowed to park on the eastbound side of the roadway, adjacent to the business complex." 

Doing that, he said, would allow residents on the street "a clear path into their residences" and alleviate the chance of parked cars blocking their driveways. 

"It is a difficult situation," Roxbury Mayor Jim Rilee said at the meeting. He suggested parking could be restricted during specified time periods only, perhaps during business hours. 

"I observed it a few days and talked to other residents," said Rilee. "They all agreed it would be very beneficial to them if parking was only kept on the eastbound side." 

Roxbury Councilman Bob DeFillippo noted the importance of discussing the matter with the businesses along the road. "I wouldn't want this to come as a surprise," he said. "Because it will impact their businesses, I think it would be good to let them know ahead of time." 

The officials decided to research the proposal further before taking action.