ROXBURY, NJ - The Roxbury Police Department recently created a place outside police headquarters that can be used to exchange items, such as goods bought and sold on Craigslist.

The department installed a sign designating the area an "Exchange Zone," and noted the spot is "under 24-hour video surveillance." The police department is at 1715 Route 46 in Ledgewood.

In doing so, Roxbury police join many others across the country that created similar places in a move to increase safety of transactions between people who don't know each other. In announcing on Facebook the new Exchange Zone, Roxbury police said the area will allow Roxbury residents buying and selling things on the Internet "to meet at a public location which is equipped with cameras to monitor all activity."

The department, in addressing some comments posted by people, stressed it "never had any issues in town, but would like to keep it that way" and said the designated Exchange Zone "seemed like a great idea."