ROXBURY, NJ – The Roxbury Rotary Club today donated $500 to Roxbury Fire and First Aid Co. 2 to help it buy a commercial oven for its new firehouse.

The oven, to be used by the volunteer fire and EMS personnel for banquets and other fundraising events at the Landing site, will cost about $5,000 said Roxbury Councilman Richard Zoschak.  “They have a commercial refrigerator that was donated to them a couple of years ago by the Hopatcong Rotary,” he said. “I thought it would be a good idea to get our Rotary involved and the board voted to donate $500 for that stove for their kitchen.”

The money was presented at the club’s weekly meeting at La Strada Ristorante in Randolph.

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“We do the fundraising things we do so that we can give money back to those who need it,” said Roxbury Rotary Club Vice President Gary Ribe. “That’s what Rotary does. We earn money so we can give it away.”

Zoschak, who said the fire company is engaged in various fundraisers to raise the rest of the money for the stove, pointed out the volunteer organizations’ importance to the township. “WIthout them we’d be in trouble here in Roxbury,” he said. “The squads and fire departments do a great job, a tremendous job for, this town.”