ROXBURY, NJ - Roxbury's school board was recently certified as a "master board," a designation based on its members achieving study credits for higher-level training.

The board, at a recent meeting of the Morris County School Boards Association, was presented with a plaque recognizing the Master Board status. The Roxbury b is one of four in the county recognized for recertification as a Master Board.

At the meeting Roxbury School Board President Leo Coakley was also recognized as a Master Board Member.

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The New Jersey School Boards Association offers a variety of certification programs for board members throughout the state who wish to take their training to a higher level. Master Board Member status (MBM) is awarded to members who have participated in further education. Candidates must have completed and achieved requirements for Certificated Board Member (CBM) before embarking on the requirements to be awarded Master Board Member status.

“Master Board Member (MBM) is the third level of certification and builds on the Certified Board Member (CBM) status," says the NJSBA website. "Programs are designed to enhance interpersonal and leadership skills enabling members to better govern their schools. To receive the MBM, members must have earned a CBM and 20 additional credits. Board members must meet all of the MBM requirements."

MBM core areas include sustainability/STEAM, advocacy, communications, labor relations, finance, leadership, governance, student achievement, legal/policy, district savings and technology.MBM requirements include members having earned a cumulative total of forty credits, attended academy programs in seven different core areas, attended at least eight county meetings, attended at least two delegate assemblies, attended at least two annual NJSBA workshops, attended at least one full-day statewide program, not have been judged to have violated the School Ethics Act, and passed an examination covering core areas of board responsibilities.