ROXBURY, NJ - Sixteen Roxbury High School seniors displayed their artistic artwork and skill May 31 at this year’s Annual Senior Art Show. Students showed pieces and answered questions during their open gallery spaces.

Seniors featured this year were Daniella Andreotta, Ashley Armstrong, Alexander Baccaro, Chelsea Bailey, Katelyn Beach, Evan Van Biert, Abbigail Brembs, Gianna Canzonieri, Walter Chavarria, Mackenzie Coakley, Jayelee Domenick, Tara Egan, Richard Rohlfs, Olivia Ryan, Meghan Spino and Anthony Velotti.

A new addition this year was the inclusion of two students from the Industrial Arts classes. Walter Chavarria and Richard Rohlfs showed off their woodworking creations while continuing to create new ones during the show. Both received the “Excellence in Woodworking” departmental award at the Senior Awards Program.

Other notable Visual Arts Departmental Awards included:

  • Highest Achievement in the Visual Arts – Evan Van Beirt and Gianna Canzonieri
  • Highest Development in the Visual Arts – Ashley Armstrong
  • Excellence in Photography – Daniella Andreotta
  • Excellence in Painting – Chelsea Bailey
  • Excellence in Drawing – Tara Egan
  • Excellence in Ceramics – Juliet Testa
  • Excellence in Graphic Design – Jayelee Domenick   
  • Excellence in Yearbook Production and Editorial Design – AnnaMarie Breitfelder