ROXBURY,  NJ - Roxbury High School recently held its annual world language induction ceremony, welcoming 74 new members,12 in the French and 62 in the honor societies.

Current members of the honor society led the induction ceremony of their peers and musical festivities for the evening. The honor society members initiated their fellow classmates in both French and Spanish prior to saying it in English for the families present. These students showed a true mastery of the language.

“There are more than 1,000 students in this building who are currently enrolled in world language classes and today we’re honoring 74 of the best," said Judy Hernandez, Spanish teacher and Spanish honor society advisor. "It is refreshing to have the opportunity to teach such bright young people who have not only achieved great academic success in a second language but also who have embraced a new culture.”

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She went on to say, “I really enjoyed seeing my AP students doing the initiation ceremony. The singers and officers worked really hard and practiced for the last two weeks every day after school to be ready for the ceremony. I was very proud!”

This national academic honor society was created in 1953 with the sole purpose to recognize the high achievement of students studying Spanish and to promote and continue an interest in Spanish studies. The Roxbury Chapter of the Spanish Honor Society was installed in 1988. This year Roxbury celebrated its 29th induction ceremony.

Jennifer Wilkerson, French teacher and French honor society advisor commented that many of this year’s inductees and society members are also members of the Roxbury High School French Club.

“In these times, it takes a special insight to see the value of acquiring a second language, to be willing to see the world through another person’s eyes. The deep compassion these students have for other cultures will serve them in meaningful ways throughout their entire lives and I am so happy to be a part of their instruction.”

Amid the inductions, Susan Simonet was recognized and presented a plaque for her numerous years supporting world languages in Roxbury and for her 16 years serving as society advisor. Simonet, a former Spanish teacher at the school was promoted to assistant principal to oversee the world language and fine arts department at the beginning of the school year.

Students need to meet a minimum current course level in Spanish 3A or Spanish 3 Honors in order for consideration in the Spanish Honor Society. These individuals also need to have a minimum 3.725 GPA average of final grades in all years of Spanish and a minimum 3.25 high school GPA.

French Honor Society members must have a minimum course level in French 3A or French 3 Honors, a minimum 3.725 GPA average of final grades in all years of French, and a minimum 3.25 high school GPA.

The 2016/2017 inductees are:


Chloe Bryan (Gr 11)

Elizabeth Gage (Gr 12)

Gabrielle Maroulis (Gr 11)

Michael O’Connor (Gr 11)

Casey Regetz (Gr 11)

Ryan Reimers (Gr 11)

Lexi Segall (Gr 11)

Natalie Shulkowski (Gr 11)

Meghan Spino (Gr 11)

Hailey Womer (Gr 11)

Ashley Yau (Gr 10)


David Abraham (Gr 11)

Regianna Alea (Gr 10)

Kristen Alvarado (Gr 10)

Jose Amaya (Gr 11)

Nicole Arevalo (Gr 10)

Joseph Busa (Gr 10)

Brianna Belar (Gr 10)

Nicole Belcher (Gr 10)

Brendan Berman (Gr 10)

Yvanna Bijelic (Gr 11)

Donovan Brady (Gr 11)

Gianna Caggiano (Gr 10)

Walter Chavarria (Gr 11)

Kayla Clevenger (Gr 10)

Katherine Connell (Gr 11)

Gavin Coulthurst (Gr 11)

Joseph Cudia (Gr 10)

Douglas DiDomenico (Gr 10)

Nataline Elmasri (Gr 10)

Kayla Eng (Gr 10)

Devon Forester (Gr 10)

Grace Gentle (Gr 10)

Jason Gil (Gr 11)

Courtney Graf (Gr 10)

Jonathan Grenot (Gr 10)

Julia Herraiz (Gr 10)

Melissa Hughes (Gr 10)

Karla Lezameta Arevalo (Gr 11)

Carrie Luan (Gr 10)

Andrew Marino (Gr 10)

Sofia Martinez-Piriz (Gr 10)

Madison Martino (Gr 11)

Sebastian Matiz (Gr 11)

Matthew McGlynn (Gr 10)

Katherine McGowan (Gr 10)

Sarah McGowan (Gr 11)

Caitlin Menor (Gr 10)

Nicole Miklinski (Gr 10)

Thomas Montesano (Gr 10)

Jennifer Motzer (Gr 10)

Karoline Rebellon (Gr 11)

Cristina Rein (Gr 10)

Charlie Rinaldi (Gr 11)

Jeffrey Roberts (Gr 10)

Kiara Rubiano (Gr 10)

Naria Rush (Gr 10)

Robert Rust (Gr 10)

Nadia Saenz (Gr 10)

Marcela Salas (Gr 12)

Marc Sarinelli (Gr 10)

Christopher Scire (Gr 10)

Eric Silfies (Gr 10)

Anthony Shafron (Gr 10)

Brianna Suarez (Gr 10)

James Sullivan (Gr 10)

Samantha Tedesco (Gr 10)

Michelle Vanadia (Gr 10)

Lauren Van Horne (Gr 10)

Naviya Varghese (Gr 10)

Evan Vazquez (Gr 10)

Andrew Velasquez (Gr 10)

Nolan Warsaw (Gr 12)