ROXBURY, NJ - When Bruce Springsteen sang "Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny," he was talking about forbidden high school love, not forbidden high school motorcycling.

Years from now, the kid who rode a dirt bike through the halls of Roxbury High School today might be able to look back and laugh. For now, he's got a court  appearance on his hands.

The incident began at 11:24 a.m., according to Roxbury Police. It ended with charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct.

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"A Roxbury High School senior rode a dirt bike through the hallway of the high school as a prank," said police spokeswoman Jennifer Dillard, noting the fellow was released pending a court date after being arrested. "The assault charge was the result of the handlebar of the dirt bike making contact with another student, causing a minor injury," Dillard added.

As should be expected, students quickly reached for their smartphones and captured videos of the rider's knobby tire antics.

"There were three or four people recording it," said one student, a freshman who said he was eating lunch when the excitement began. "They were all laughing. He definitely was not out to hurt anybody. He was going pretty slow. It didn't seem malicious or anything. He was just riding around."

The fun came to an end after the prankster - whose name and age was not released by police - clipped a girl with his handlebar, said the witness. A security guard came and lowered the boom: He dragged the troublemaker off his bike "pushed him against a wall and put him in a stairwell and basically kept him there until the police came and put him into cuffs," said the freshman.

He said he believes the rider entered the building through a door by the gym entrance. "He came in there and went around the hallways," said the student. "He was wearing a helmet."