Three Fundamentals of Weight Loss

At Driven Fitness and Performance we have a lot of fun.

Quite frankly, if you just stop now and insert that one tip into your fitness routine that is a great place to start to begin your weight loss journey. If you are not enjoying the process, you will never achieve your goals. With that said, I wanted to highlight three fundamentals that we implement on day one for all of our weight loss clients at Driven Fitness and Performance and something that you can do on your own journey for better health and fitness. 

 Build More Muscle, Get Firm!

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Don’t worry; I’m not suggesting for a minute you become the female (or male) Arnold Schwarzenegger here, in fact far from it! But there is something interesting you should know about old Arnold, in his heyday he would have probably been burning anywhere up to 200 calories or more every hour – at rest! That is to say, he could burn 200 calories per hour doing diddly squat… That’s burning a whopping 4,800 calories a day!

The reason for this is that muscle is a big energy consumer. The number of calories you burn at rest right now (known as your basal metabolic rate, BMR) will probably be somewhere around 60 calories per hour (about 1,500 per day.) However with a little muscle it’s quite easy to get that up to 80, maybe even 90; and if you do the math that would mean your body could burn an extra 400 – 700 calories per day, at rest! That’s up to 4,900 extra calories you could be burning every week sleeping, watching T.V., etc!

Like I said though, achieving this extra calorie “burnage” doesn’t require you to have tree trunk arms, with just a few simple exercise you can quickly and easily build muscle that will increase your BMR and give you a tight, toned, firm but strong body!

What kinds of exercises? At Driven, we coach you through full-body exercises that target the largest muscle groups at once. This ensures that you are getting the most out of your time with us and you are getting serious results in a safe environment.

Be sure to remember this though, building muscle (even as a woman) is good… Done properly, you won’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you will lose more weight!

What You Can Do Right Now, To Instantly Look And Feel EXCELLENT!

Did you know that confidence is a self-fulfilling prophecy; that is to say, merely by being confident alone, you can achieve your goals? It’s true, and with the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with; I‘ve seen it for myself. I bet you’re no different than most, in that you’ve tried losing weight, getting fitter or whatever before this, and you haven’t really succeeded in achieving your goals… So now, because you’ve been burned in the past, you’re skeptical. Right?

For example, you might say this Monday I am going to get back to working out but with the “I’ll give it a try” attitude. Now I don’t blame you for feeling like this, especially if you’ve struggled to find something that has worked in the past. But here’s the problem with that kind of thinking, you’re setting yourself up for failure by just “trying.” Trying isn’t definitive, it’s “Maybe I will, and maybe I won’t.”

 And so when the going gets tough, your sub-conscious tells you “It’s okay to quit, because you weren’t sure if this was going to work for you anyway.” And of course, failure to achieve your goals is 100% guaranteed by quitting. Make sense?

The flipside is having an “I will do” attitude when entering your “weight loss adventure.” This way, when the going gets tough, you get tougher because you’ve entered into a mental contract, and even the mere thought of failing to fulfill your promise to yourself is disappointing and that spurs you on. Being confident gives you that extra edge and helps you stay consistent.

Eat More “_ _ _ _ _ _,” It Reduces Fat “Stockpiling!”

Our friends at Precision Nutrition have opened our world to sound, scientific, and precise nutrition coaching. The biggest lesson for me from Precision Nutrition is that our body is a finely tuned survival machine. Just as our bodies cling on to food when it’s scarce; when food is in abundance our bodies don’t feel the need to stock-up¬¬¬¬ for the “famine” ahead and let food, fats and other fuels slide through our system almost as easily as they came in.

Let me explain what I really mean by eating more though. As you can see I left a “fill in the blank” for the headline of this little tip. So what are you thinking? Eat more fruit? Eat more vegetables? Eat more donuts? … Nope, eat more often!

 Of course what you eat is very important, but I’m sure you’ve heard it all before and are smart enough to know what’s good and bad for you so I won’t go over all that here as I want to keep these tips quick, easy and instantly useable for fast results.

Okay, back to eating more often… So exactly how often should you eat then?

I have found five to be the magic number with three main meals and two snacks. Make sure you are eating unprocessed, natural foods, controlling your portion size and then staying consistent!

 Not a bad deal right? You get to stave off hunger with snacks, keep energy high throughout the day and tell your body – “Hey, look at all the food I am giving you on a regular basis! And there are tons more where that came from too, so you don’t have to store excess “survival” fat!”

Believe or not, your body will heed your call and hold-up on fat stockpiling, which will allow you to drop pounds faster. Again this only works if you’re eating healthy food, and the right amount of it, I’m sure you’ll know if you are… or are not.

Build the “right kind” of muscle, have confidence and remind yourself that you can, and develop nutritional habits are things that make a difference from day one in your pursuit of better health and fitness. Just don’t forget to have fun and I promise you will feel the difference!

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