ROXBURY, NJ - While he had dreams of the success his CrossFit affiliate would experience, never did Frank Spina, Owner and Head Coach of Roxbury CrossFit think that he would be fortunate enough to attract the certified coaching talent he has.

When Spina first opened the doors of Roxbury CrossFit in January 2017, he was coaching all of the classes and signing new members up on a daily basis. An exciting time for any new business owner, Spina knew he would need to enlist the help of other coaches to expand opportunities to its athletes.

Spina recruited Steve Rogalsky and Glenn Hopler, veteran CrossFitter’s and athletes known throughout the tri-state area for their commitment to the sport and wellness. The classes began to grow rapidly. As a result of the number of athletes that were and continue to sign up for challenge classes and annual memberships, Spina grew his workforce again by adding Coaches John Klinger and Sarah Mallatratt. John and Sarah, both CrossFit Level 1 Certified, were able to spend time coaching “All Out” classes in addition to “Workout of the Day” classes helping athletes to focus on appropriate form and movements.

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More recently, Spina has added three additional coaches including, Richard Crespo, JT Glinko and Doug Dul. All CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coaches, Spina is enthusiastic about the talent that has arrived at Roxbury CrossFit and is excited about his ability to offer the Roxbury and surrounding community’s new opportunities in the near future due to his growing and very capable coaching staff.

“Our goal is to help people achieve elite fitness. Whether you are starting from the couch or from another type of gym; we are confident that you will love this community, the interactions you have with our coaching staff and the overall life benefits this sport will bring you,” said Spina, Owner and Head Coach of Roxbury CrossFit.

To read the biographies of each Roxbury CrossFit Coach, please visit and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. For more information, please call Frank at 862-251-4390.