In Passaic County Superior Court, Judge Sohail Mohammed decided - after hearing testimony from the mother, T.M., and experts - that A.S. was responsible for the payment of child support only for the child he fathered. 

T.M. gave birth to twins and sought assistance from the Passaic County Board of Social Services.  In making her application, T.M. indicated she was in a relationship with A.S. and identified him as the father.  The Passaic County Board of Social Services filed an application to establish the paternity of A.S.   

Paternity testing was ordered. 

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At trial, the Judge heard expert testimony from the director of the Identity Testing Division of Laboratory Corp. of America that the twins were fathered by two different men during the same cycle. Judge Mohammed also heard the testimony of T.M. that she had sexual intercourse with another man within one week of having sexual intercourse with A.S. The court ruled that A.S. would pay child support for only the child he fathered. 

Child support, once established, continues until the child is emancipated. Barring exceptional circumstances, child support usually continues for a minimum of 18 years and can continue until a child completes graduate school in some cases. 

If you are seeking child support or a modification of your present child support, it is critical that you discuss your situation with an experienced divorce attorney before taking action. Also, if you do not believe you are the father of a child for which you are being asked to pay support, it is critical you consult an experienced family law attorney to learn your rights. 

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