ROXBURY, NJ - Students at Kennedy School attended a quicky "wedding" during school Friday, a ceremony that celebrated the quality bond, for better or for worse, of the letters Q and U.

Kindergarten teachers Briana Tantaros and Justine Matz hosted the wedding of the two letters “to enrich the students understanding of how both letters need to work together in order to complete the sound just like a couple has to work together in a marriage,” said Roxbury Schools Spokeswoman Ann Rhodes. “Students loved looking forward to the wedding all week based off the story 'The Wedding of Q and U.'”

Classes prepared for the event by creating invitations that asked other grades at the school to “dress their best” and attend the wedding. Kennedy School Principal Eric Renfors officiated the event, conducted in the kindergarten classroom.

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A procession down the halls of the school followed and there were “Q and U bow ties and veils along with a reception of goldfish crackers, a “Just Married” wagon and a dance party,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes said the “fun tradition” began last year as an effort by Tantaros and Matz to “celebrate the hard work of their students as they learned their letters and sounds.” The teachers hope the pupils will always remember the fun event and how it helped them remember that the two letters “stick together” in many words.

“We want our students to remember how to spell Q and U words but more importantly to take away that learning can be fun, enriching and a memorable experience,” explained Tantaros.