Dear Editor,

As of late, due to most disturbing acts of violence against children in our schools, there is much vigorous debate regarding gun control and protection of our children and grand-children.

Much of the debate is based on emotion rather than reasoned thought.

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I think that exploration in three areas needs to be more thoroughly discussed and debated. The first is the need to discuss why people need access to fully automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. Unless there is a real need such as a police officer or other law enforcement or personal protection professional then I see none.

Secondly, we as a society need to address mental illness at all levels. We need to identify and address those individuals that become marginalized because of either bullying, underlying physiological mental illness, or who are just not mentally stable enough to have access to guns. 

Lastly, banning weapons is not enough. We need a comprehensive review and overhaul of gun control laws, anti-bulling laws, and increased awareness of signs of mental instability that warrant review by school and/or law enforcement officials.

Only when we have had reasonable and rational debate on the three areas mentioned above will we be able to develop the necessary measured response to the horrific recent events.

Dr. Jim Kennedy, MCTE, MRP, CEH, CHPA-IV, CRISC, Security+

Retired Diplomate American Bd for Certification in Homeland Security

Retired Instructor American College of Forensic Examiners

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