Dear Editor,

As we are approaching our busy season I would like to take the time to thank my customers for their continued business. We have had some customers with us for over 25 years. We do our best to provide them with top quality products. I know they have many options of places to go for apparel. (Some days it seems like a new place pops up every month!).

We have done our best to keep earning their trust. I have adjusted prices when I can to be as competitive as possible. We usually cannot compete with people running shirts out of their garage or home, but we hold our own with legit, legal operations.

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We are also very involved in our community. We are members of the Roxbury Chamber of Commerce, we provide donations to many local charities, items for tricky trays and discount shirts for fundraiser walks and other events.

We have been at this for about 35 years, and I can say we have the best overall staff around.

We look forward to seeing our customers again this year. Thanks again to all of them for doing business with us.


Steve Mattero

Dezine Line