ROXBURY, NJ – About $1,800 was raised during the recent Roxbury High School Marching Band Classic and it will be donated to a Texas high school band that was devastated by flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

The money, raised during the Sept. 23 event, will be delivered to Rockport Fulton High School Bands by Roxbury Band Parents Association Treasurer Tom Graf, said the band association on Monday.

“On a sweltering early autumn night - that also brought a brief power outage at the high school from a nearby transformer fire - nothing would overcome the enthusiasm that has made the annual Roxbury High School Marching Band Classic a success again in its 9th year,” said a statement from the association.

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The show went off on schedule despite the fact that band parents were forced to scramble to put generators in place when the power went out at 5:45 p.m., according to the association. It said master of ceremonies Bob Williams used a megaphone from the press box to shout announcements as the bands began to play.“The lights soon came on, then - after all competing and exhibition bands had performed their routines and the awards were given out - drum majors from all nine participating schools took the field for the announcement that $1,543 had been raised that evening to donate to the Rockport-Fulton High School Band,” said the association.

It noted that more money was donated after the event, bringing the total raised to about $1,800.

In an email the morning after the Classic, association co-chair Beth Graf told the Classic Committee that, while the power issue was problematic, it paled in comparison to the trauma faced by those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

“As I worried about the power issue and ran around trying to figure things out, I had thoughts running through my head about Rockport and all the stresses they must be going through,” Graf wrote. “We walk away from our event, which for about 2 hours was chaotic, and we continue life as usual. 2 hours … That’s all. So insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I am so proud that we could come together to support them in such a small way last night.”

The band association thanked those who came to the event, donated to the Rockport-Fulton Band Program, provided publicity and volunteered in any way to help.