ROXBURY, NJ - The Jefferson School Preschool program celebrated Thanksgiving early this year when Roxbury Speech Therapist Allison Rommel and Occupational Therapist Tessa Giordano created a celebration for the preschoolers.

Rommel and Giordano agree that exposing preschoolers to new foods is an important learning experience. Students were encouraged to taste, touch and even play with their food to decrease their sensitivity to it.

“These two experts were able to create a sensory and language enriched experience for all four preschool programs at Jefferson,” shared Patti Klein, Jefferson Preschool teacher. “Tessa and Allison even had the students make their own placements and shared pictures of Thanksgiving Food.”

Jefferson Preschool Teachers Suzanne Flammer, Rebecca Hutsebaut, Shannon O’Malley and Patti Klein were grateful for the opportunity to share a traditional celebration with their school families. All agreed that exposure to foods, textures, tastes and smells is valuable for their students.