To all of our Landing and Port Morris residents,

Election day is this coming Tuesday, Nov. 5th. I urge you to come out to the poles and vote. As many of you also know I am your Councilman and your voice here in the Roxbury government. Those of you who know me personally are aware of my passionate goal of informing you the residents of what is happening around town and helping you get through the bureaucracy of government when it comes to permits, problems, and questions you may have with that bureaucracy.

One of the more important things happening here in Landing is the installation of natural gas line throughout this area. Over the next 4 years New Jersey Natural Gas will be installing gas mains and lateral piping so everyone who wants gas can have it. Attached is a map of the area with the scheduled gas main piping on it. These are areas here that as yet do not have gas mains. This is a big plus for Landing. Gas is less expensive than oil and is cleaner.

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I am reading that my opponent says we the Roxbury Council are not doing long term planning. Well this is long term planning. As a matter of fact this will save all of us tax money and get all of these roads paved. Here is how. When NJNG is installing the piping we, the town, will mill the road way. They will put the pipe in and pave the road. Milling is one third of the total project cost. Saving, you the taxpayer 2/3 of the cost. If we did not work with NJNG the cost to the township would have been about $200,000.00 per mile of road 24 ft wide. With each mile of road, partnering with NJNG, we are saving you the taxpayer almost $160,000.00. And they are doing the full width of the road.

One question I ask our residents, has your property taxes gone down since the revaluation has happened? 60% of our residents are paying less property tax than before the reval. The reason is that our commercial ratable base is now paying their fair share of taxes. Throughout the recession years they were winning tax appeals hurting our taxes. Now they are valued at market rates and now pay their fair share.

Again, I urge you to come out and vote on Nov. 5th.

Thank you,