My name is Brian Considine, I live in Ward 3 and I’m running to be your representative on Town Council! I grew up in Mine Hill, married my high school sweetheart, who grew up in Roxbury, and have lived here for two decades. 

Roxbury is a great town. It brings together people from all walks of life making a town that is balanced and diverse. Unlike other towns that fall towards the extremes, Roxbury is the center.

This does not simply just happen. All homeowners know every day there is a constant struggle to keep the house up. If you are not improving, you are letting it fall away. Yet we hear some tell us to not improve, to not worry, to be assured all is well and there is no need for us to pay attention. We see prime locations for business centers like Kenvil and Rt 10 sport empty store-fronts, piles of rubble and potholes rather than the excellence this town is capable of achieving.  Rather than a downtown, we have for too many years been a through-town, a place between two points rather than the point.

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How to make it work

Local Businesses: Our subcommittees (Planning, Zoning and Economic Development) need to be charged with quality business development as a priority. Empty store-fronts and frustrated business owners need addressing and guidance.  It is possible and better tor Roxbury to fix these issues rather than letting key sections of our town grow weeds instead.  

Property Taxes and Costs: Over the last decade, our town has seen school enrollment decline while other towns worry about schools bursting with new students. We used to pay 70% of the revenue that came into town, now we pay 80% because businesses and grants have fallen.

It is not an accomplishment to consistently raise property tax increases.  It is irresponsible to ignore ways to lower the cost burdens on residents. We have higher utility, cable, and property bills because the repeated focus has strayed from helping residents. 

Infrastructure: Have you noticed the roads? Have you noticed the surge of paving that mysteriously happened leading right up to this election? Roads, sidewalks, parks, our lakes, these are all the key parts of our home town. The wise homeowner maintains these things all the time and does not simply wait for them to break. We need to do this on a regular schedule combining maintenance with continual improvement.


Dover High School

County College of Morris

Seton Hall University, Bachelors in Business with economics concentration.


Senior Manager Finance Novartis Pharmaceuticals

I hope you’ll join me in bringing new ideas to Roxbury Township Council. I hope you will support me on Tuesday, November 5th. Polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on November 5th.  To find your polling place, click here. If you are not sure what ward you live in, you can find out here.  The map is from 2018 and still applies to 2019.