Dear Editor,

My name is Charlie Alfano, and I am the husband of Isabella Alfano who is running for Morris County Surrogate. I do not engage in Twitter or Instagram and my Facebook is set to private, and only post on occasion. I am compelled to speak out because what I am reading on Facebook as of late is nothing short of an electronic lynching of my wife.

I have been reading (or have been forwarded) the posts on Heather Darlings Facebook pages. All I can say is people need to grow up. The maligning insults that my wife has time or would ever deface or remove someone’s political signage is defamatory and absurd, as well as the posts that our son is not really autistic and she is just saying that to capture votes. This sickens me. Why would people bring innocent small children into this? Is there no code of honor in local politics? Keep our children out of your comments.

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When Isabella is not taking care of our family and our home my wife spends her free time, talking to voters, engaging with constituents and being the face of a changing and diverse Morris County. Before Isabella entered the race for Surrogate, she would volunteer her time to help other candidates in the Republican party to ”Make Morris County Great Again” I cannot help but feel these attacks on her are racially motivated. Perhaps it is because my wife is the first Hispanic Republican Conservative candidate to run for a county seat in Morris County.

It is my understanding that Freeholder Heather Darling has barely been a Freeholder for half of her term, yet she is already seeking a higher office. In my profession we call this a “job hopper”. There is no loyalty to one’s position, just looking for the quickest advancement. Ms. Darling has poor attendance, arrives late, and according to county volunteers and workers, barely does the minimum of the current job she was elected to serve. Look at Freeholder Darling’s Facebook posts and you will see the essence of her interpretation of public service.She arrives at events for five - ten minutes, takes pictures, and posts them on Facebook for self-promotion needs, then goes on her merry way. Morris County deserves more.

Our candidates and elected officials should be role models with high moral values.

This would not be a side job for Isabella; she would give it her all and would do it fulltime. I do not want my tax dollars to go to a part time Surrogate, who is too busy to give it their full attention. Do you?

On June 4th vote for my wife Isabella Alfano for Morris County Surrogate


Charlie Alfano

Husband, Father, Morris County Tax Payer & Resident