Hi, I’m Keith Griffin and if you live in Roxbury’s 1st Ward, I’m hoping for your support in helping me become your next Town Councilman. I was inspired to run in January of 2018. Since my street lacks gas lines, my house is heated by propane. Due to the bitter cold that January, the propane company couldn’t keep up, and the propane ran out.I was forced to keep my family and I warm with space heaters in a small room in my house. At that moment I knew that I wanted to help improve Roxbury. 

Together, we can bring the changes that Ward 1 desperately needs:

Business Revival: Empty shopping centers and closing shops can no longer be acceptable. We need to attract businesses to Ward 1 instead of pushing them away. This can be accomplished by cutting unnecessary regulation, zoning businesses properly, and providing fair tax incentives for businesses that show they’re willing to contribute to the community.

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Year-Around Representation:  Ward 1 deserves representation that will be present 365 days a year, working tirelessly for you. Every budget meeting missed takes away a new sidewalk or a paved street from our community and places it somewhere else. We simply deserve better.  

Infrastructure: Ward 1 desperately needs an infrastructure injection. We can no longer be the Landing before time. Many roads haven’t been paved in well over a decade. The lack of sidewalks make it very difficult to get to our beautiful state park and the lack of affordable natural gas to heat many of our homes burns a hole in our wallets. This is a result of years of neglect, and that has to change. 

Environmental Degradation: This summer we watched as the economic engine of Ward 1, Lake Hopatcong, was ground to a halt by a harmful algae bloom. We need to work with our neighbors to develop 1, 5, and 10 year plans to make sure that we keep our lake clean and thriving well into the future. 

In addition to my MBA and my volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, I have almost a decade of experience with financial systems and IT infrastructure implementation. This work requires coming up with creative outside the box solutions and simplifying complex processes so that systems are run efficiently. This education and professional experience will be critical in returning Ward 1 to the thriving community that we deserve. 

You deserve better than disorganized, part-time leadership. This November 5th, let’s give ourselves the representative that you deserve. My name is Keith Griffin and that’s why I’m running for Town Council in Ward 1.  Polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on November 5th. 

To find your polling place, click here. If you are not sure what ward you live in, you can find out here.  The map is from 2018 and still applies to 2019.

Contact: www.facebook.com/Keith4Roxbury