ROXBURY, NJ  - Lincoln/Roosevelt’s sixth grade choir, along with Principal Chris Argenziano, stopped by meetings of two Roxbury senior groups over the past week to invite their members to the annual Valentine’s Day Luncheon on Feb.15.

The event will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the school.

Kate Katz, the sixth-grade music teacher, brought half of the sixth-grade choir to the Ever Young Senior Group on Jan.18. These students regaled the audience with three of their winter concert songs, Candlelight Cannon, First Snow Flakes and The Biggest Brightest Holiday Lights. Students who sang for the Ever Young Seniors were:

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  • Rachel Beck
  • Nancy Bogardus
  • Rebecca Borda
  • Manasvi Chagarlamudi
  • Austin Christian
  • Krystal Cole
  • Amanda DeCraine
  • Ava DiPasquale
  • Clara Donnelly
  • Danielle Faroldi
  • Lauren Galo Machado
  • Gina Geiger
  • Christopher Godoy
  • Julia Gonzalez
  • Olivia Hachey
  • Kendra Haughey
  • Kylie Haughey
  • Amanda Hellner
  • Ariyana Hoover
  • Julia Hornbeck
  • Julia Kest
  • Jamie Kudler
  • Valeria Londono
  • Lexi Lynch
  • Aditya Mahalingam
  • Camryn Napoliello
  • Shawn Rasizer
  • Ashleigh Ribe
  • Angelina Rivera
  • Angelina Riveros
  • Leah Schlam
  • Christina Sokolowski
  • McKenna Stierch
  • Annika Szardenings
  • Michael Tanner
  • Diego Vargas
  • Jared Weiss

Diana Stierli, the fifth-grade music teacher at the school, brought the second half of the sixth-grade choir to the Horseshoe Lake Senior Citizen Center on Jan.25 to officially invite this group. Singers from the second half of the choir included:

  • Yohamy Andino
  • Anna Anikiej
  • Katie Becker
  • Ashley Brembs
  • Ellison Coakley
  • Connor Cousineau
  • Grace De Aquino
  • Hailey Errichiello
  • Giuliana Fernandez
  • Jessica Fox
  • Karmen Giannikopoulos
  • Julia Groschopp
  • Angela Kovacs
  • Caitlyn Kramaritsch
  • Angela Lugo
  • Justin Masi
  • Caleb McInnes
  • Valentina Montoya
  • Kaitlyn Murphy
  • Isabella Negron
  • Tumi Ogunyankin
  • Katherine Oxfort
  • Corynne Pereira
  • Lila Pilkington
  • Bella Pomroy
  • Riley Shivas
  • Emma Shluker
  • Sabrina Simpson
  • Jacquelyn Sottile
  • Eva Terranova

After the students sang, Argenziano officially invited both groups to join him at his school for this annual tradition open to the two Roxbury senior groups.

Before last year, this event was always planned and organized by the principal. Last year, Argenziano switched it up. He has made this a student-driven event.

“They are now the ones organizing it," he said. "The Student Council runs the program and earlier this week, they had a 3-hour meeting to discuss this year’s plan. They are developing games for you to play and working on singing portion. You won’t see this choir again though. You’ll see our other choir, the fifth-grade choir.”

Argenziano joked at today’s Invitational that “It’s not a free lunch for you. We won’t be collecting money at the door, but I have something to ask of you: This is a great opportunity; we are using you to teach our kids what it is to be a part of Roxbury. What I mean by that is we deal with young kids and try and teach them an appreciation of our town and what it means to be a Roxbury kid, what it means to take care of one another, and pass down the greatness of Roxbury to our younger kids. I am a Roxbury product. I live in Roxbury. I love this town and want our kids to have the same experience. That is why I look to many of you to carry that tradition. Have a conversation with them. They aren’t just serving someone but learning what it means to be a community member of Roxbury.”

Members in the organizations wishing to participate should park at the Roxbury Senior Center at Horseshoe Lake at 72 Eyland Avenue and take a nostalgic school bus ride over to the school, as parking is limited and this gets them closer to the school. Buses will begin boarding at the Senior Center around 10:30 a.m.