ROXBURY, NJ - The Roxbury Rotary Club recently donated more than $1,000 worth of gift cards to Roxbury Social Services as part of its pledge to eliminate hunger in the township, said club President Steve Alford.

"Roxbury Rotary has set some goals to help make sure no one in Roxbury is going hungry as a result of this COVID-19 virus or for any other reason, Alford said.

He said the organization on Friday presented to Roxbury Social Services Director Janet Wald 42 Shoprite gift cards worth $25 each. "And there are plans in the works to make a second donation as well as also donating gift cards to the clergy council here in Roxbury to be given out by the clergy to those in need."

Many of the Roxbury Rotary Club members are business owners who, like others, are feeling a financial impact due to the economy being substantially shut-down due to the pandemic. But Alford said "Sometimes you just gotta step up and try to make a difference. My club members take helping others very seriously, and we will not stop as long as there is a need."