Dear TAPinto Roxbury,

In response to the Roxbury Mayor and Council resolution covered in this recent article.

There are factual errors in the council resolution:

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  • The Commission was NOT created on July 16, 2014, it was only approved then, it was created in April 2015 when commissioners were sworn in.
  • The extension did NOT expire on July 1, 2019. (they didn’t even bother to pull the document). Commission extension was granted last year until December 2019.
  • It is not illegal to not use equalization, there is discretion by the DCA written right in the statute, if they cared to read it.
  • There will NOT be disruption in the municipality as all the info is obtained and no meetings will be held until there is an answer. Scare tactic by Council.
  • Roxbury and Mount Arlington do not currently participate in any shared services agreements, as stated. If they are talking about Roxbury High School, RHS is not a shared service, it’s a send and receive.
  • “Roxbury will unjustly and illegally shoulder more of the burden”. This kind of scare tactic is not true. The Commission is seeking legal means provided in the constitution or other means to bring property tax reductions to both Roxbury and Mt. Arlington. Misinforming the public by calling our mission illegal is an insult to the taxpayer and the Commission members.

This kind of inaccurate information presented to the public is indicative of the Council not doing their own research and not understanding the State Statute.

Blatantly misrepresenting information to the public destroys any credibility of the Council on the issue at hand. This entire Resolution is “FLAWED” WITH ERRORS and the Council should be ashamed to put this in a resolution without checking the FACTS.

It is appalling that both Mayors conspire to put forth a Motion, without communicating anything to us.

They scheduled this on their agenda deliberately this way!   This only confirms their tactics, all along, as

to do whatever it took to sabotage our efforts going back to 2014, (before the Commission was

even formed)

No mountain is tall enough to derail our Commission, as WE represent the interest of the residents and

not the elected conspirators.

For the past 4+ years, they have tried and failed to derail us.

Hang tough…We are doing what is right for the taxpayers.

Respectfully yours,

Craig Heard, Commissioner Chairperson