ROXBURY, NJ – Don’t let the name fool you. The creation of Roxbury’s first QuickChek has been anything but quick.

The project, first announced in 2015, has been grinding its way through various government approval processes. However, the end to the red tape is in sight, said John Wyciskala, the Parsippany lawyer representing QuickChek on the project.

“We’re working to get rolling on this as soon as possible,” he said Monday.

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The proposed gas station/convenience store will be situated on the northeast corner of the Route 206 intersection with Mountain Road. A Shell station last occupied the site, across from the New Jersey State Police Netcong Barracks.

Sewers, Traffic Signals and a Decorative Tower

The biggest hurdles facing the project were securing approvals for connecting to the Musconetcong Sewage Authority (MSA) wastewater system and for the installation of traffic lights at the intersection.

Wyciskala said those approvals are, for the most part, complete. The overall project received a thumbs up from Roxbury officials in 2016.

However, since that took place, QuickCheck changed the appearance of its buildings, said Roxbury Planner Russell Stern. He said the company must now come before the Roxbury Zoning Board, probably next month, to obtain a variance.

“Their architecture was kind of like a traditional brick building with green awnings,” he said. “That was their standard for many, many years. They have a new, contemporary standard that has a tower element to it. It's small, but it has a tower element to it and it requires a height variance.”

Plans show the proposed tower will be 32 feet tall, four feet taller than allowed in Roxbury’s ordinance.

“They’re not going to bring it down for compliance, so they have to go back to the board for a variance,” Stern said. “That’s their new prototype and that’s why they’re not budging on it. It looks good. I think it will be a fine addition for that location.”

Little else has changed from the plans initially submitted by the company, officials said. The QuickChek will be about 5,500 square feet and will have 13 indoor seats and 16 outdoor seats.

There will be eight gas pumps, but the station will not be allowed to fuel tractor-trailers.