ROXBURY, NJ - Peak Performance Chiropractic is celebrating its first full year at the Roxbury Mall location in Succasunna!

The office is conveniently situated in the 15 Commerce building with its outside entrance facing Route 10 adjacent to Bank of America’s drive-through. The location, in the heart of commerce in Roxbury, is in a larger, freshly designed and renovated office space to better serve current and future patients in Roxbury and the surrounding towns.

Doctors Jonathan and Craig Karnitsky provide a host of effective options for their patients. Addressing both the muscular and skeletal causes of the patient’s complaint, they have great success getting to the source of the problem and achieving improved health results.

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It is their primary goal to restore lost motion and fluidity to the body. With this philosophy in mind, maximum healing can only be achieved when proper function is restored to the neuro-musculoskeletal system. With many decades of combined experience, they have a variety of techniques and methods to help personalize treatment plans for the individual patient and condition.

From wellness visits to common lower back pain/sciatica and neck/arm pain(among the long list), they have seen everything. Providing many options for care, the doctors combine in-office treatments with physical therapy modalities. In addition, home exercise and nutritional guidance, daily activity and postural modification strategies(for home or work), will be discussed to support and help the musculoskeletal deficiencies stabilize for long term relief and quality of life enhancement.

They also specialize in active lifestyle care, treating many local athletes as well as the average weekend warrior. Shoulders, hips, knees and ankle pain/stiffness are all common issues of the typical active townsperson seen and treated each spring.

Recently Roxbury has experienced some chiropractors either moving from the immediate area, retiring or  just decreasing their patient load later in their practice life.

Our doctors are still going strong and are enthusiastic about accepting patients that have already made chiropractic a choice and are looking for a new provider.

Many successful transitions to Peak Performance Chiropractic have already taken place in the past year and Peak Performance Chiropractic in Succasunna continues to accept new patients. Call the office at 973-584-0009 if in need of chiropractic care or if you have any health related concerns. Most insurances are accepted.

Remember….The month of May is for teacher appreciation.

The doctors and their supportive staff greatly appreciate teachers and administrative employees at all the educational facilities in the Roxbury, Mount Olive and surrounding areas.

Peak Performance Chiropractic would like to give special acknowledgment to the exceptional work and effort of these dedicated educators and their support staff and workers. These people are the backbone of our neighborhood!