ROXBURY, NJ – Don’t expect it to pick up “every twig,” but the Roxbury Department of Public Works(DPW) is ready to help residents get rid of fallen tree limbs and sticks that are too big for the Blue Diamond Disposal garbage trucks.

“We would like everybody to use Blue Diamond for the material that Blue Diamond accepts,” said Roxbury DPW Director Richard Blood. “We are not going to be out there with rakes picking up twigs and bags of small stuff. But if you’ve got large limbs that need be chipped and can’t be bundled and put in a truck, we’re happy to take those but we’re not going to be cleaning up every twig that’s in front of a home. We’re going to take the big stuff and move on.”

The hardest hit areas of Roxbury - the Kenvil and Succasunna communities - will see a DPW crew with a tree chipper making the rounds over the next two or three weeks, according to Blood. Residents of other sections, who need assistance, are asked to let the DPW know by making a phone call.

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He and Roxbury Township Manager John Shepherd said the DPW will gladly come to help, but it can’t be expected to know when people need aid if they don’t ask for it. “Call to let us know,” Shepherd said. “That’s better than us just driving around and happening upon a pile of brush two weeks from now along some road.”

The officials said they realize many homeowners in town have a lot of cleanup work ahead of them due to the multiple storms that pummeled the township this winter, leaving properties littered with fallen limbs.

“We’re going to take it for a longer period of time,” Shepherd said. “Someone might not contact us for a month. That’s OK. It may be six weeks from now that they finally get their yard cleaned out. As long as they let us know, we’ll come back and try to take care of it for them.”

Residents with access to pickup trucks or other vehicles that can carry limbs and sticks are being urged to bring them to the township recycling center on Dell Avenue in Kenvil. The center is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

The DPW can be reached at (973) 448-2069.