ROXBURY, NJ - Roxbury Police Sgt. Steve Curtiss doesn't like to be in the spotlight. Allie Urban knows him and knows that.

But she figured he deserved a little public recognition for his good deed during a recent snowstorm. So, with a click of a Facebook button - and the typing of a few words - the Succasunna resident went ahead and gave the sergeant a social media shout-out, complete with a video showing Curtiss wielding a show shovel.

"Big thank you to Steve Curtiss this morning for helping my sister and I️ shovel our cars out," she posted on Jan. 5 "We couldn’t have got to school and work on this frosty morning without you. Good thing you happened to be passing by!"

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She even added a couple of happy-face emojis.

Urban, a 24-year-old permanent substitute teacher at Roxbury High School, who also coaches junior varsity girls lacrosse and freshman girls field hockey, lives with her parents and sisters on Clearfield Road in Succasunna. Snowplows had sealed-in the family's driveway, but Urban's 19-year-old "little" sister, Jessica, tried to motor through the blockade in an effort to get to class at the Artistic Academy beauty school.

That, it turned out, wasn't a good idea.

"She was leaving for school and her car got stuck at the bottom of the driveway," Urban said. "I just had surgery in December and my arm was in a sling. But I had to run out and help my sister shovel out her car. It was stuck ... halfway in the street."

Urban said Curtiss often patrols Clearfield Road. "He happened to see me at the bottom of my driveway, trying to shovel snow with one arm," she said. So the sergeant parked his police car, got out and gave her one of those looks.

"He was shaking his head like 'What are you doing?'" she said. "He took the shovel away from me and helped my little sister shovel out her car. Then he got in her car and backed it out for her."

Off went Jessica, but Curtiss wasn't done being helpful. "Then he shoved me out," Urban said. 

But that still wasn't the end of the sergeant's interactions with the Urban ladies. "Then my sister called and said she spun-out on Righter Road," Urban said. "It was icy and she was a little freaked-out." 

Curtiss motored off to find the anxious young driver, who hadn't run into anything. He didn't know, until later, that Urban's other sister, Tara, was upstairs in the house filming his shoveling job. Or that the video would soon be live on the Internet.

"He's such a great guy," Urban said in an interview. "He texted me after I posted the video, asking, 'Do you know how much I hate publicity?"

The Roxbury Police Department shared the video on its Facebook page, noting that show shoveling can now be added to the sergeant's resumè.