ROXBURY, NJ – The case against Christopher Faschan, a Roxbury man accused in February of detonating a homemade bomb in Sussex County – and with numerous other weapons charges - has gone federal.

In charges that supersede those filed by New Jersey police, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms & Explosives (ATF) recently charged Faschan with unlawful possession of a destructive device, unlawful possession of explosive materials by a convicted felon and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Faschan, 31, of Port Morris, was arrested Feb. 4. Authorities contend he blew up a home-made explosive device in Byram after showing it to a woman and telling her it was a bomb that could be stuck to the bottom of a vehicle.

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The investigation of that incident led police, armed with a warrant, to Faschan’s home. There they found many guns, homemade explosive devices and illegal drugs, they said.

The federal complaint notes that Faschan was convicted in 2010 for possessing illegal drugs in Sussex County. The ATF charges claim Faschan illegally possessed:

  • A 9mm Smith and Wesson semi-automatic, Model 5, high capacity handgun
  • A 9mm Fabrique Nationale Herstal semi-automatic handgun
  • A Mossberg 12 Gauge Shotgun, Model # 500
  • A Savage .22 Caliber Long Rifle, Model # 64
  • A Sturm Ruger .22 Caliber handgun, Model Mark 1
  • A .556 Caliber ammunition magazine with a 100 round capacity
  • Five pistol magazines loaded with 59 9MM hollow point rounds and
  • One large capacity 9MMpistol magazine loaded with 25 rounds.

‘Something that Could Easily Be Put Under Someone’s Car’

In the federal complaint, ATF Special Agent Justin Benagh spelled out in detail the government’s case against Faschan. His statement includes an allegation that Faschan told a Stanhope woman that he had a bomb and that he said the town “may be a good area to let this thing off.”

Faschan drove away, but less than 10 minutes later people in Byram reported hearing a bomb explode, Benagh wrote. About two minutes after those reports came in to police, Faschan telephoned the woman in Stanhope. “That’s something that could easily be put under someone’s car. Not that I would do that or anything,” he told her, according to Benagh.

Interviewed at the Roxbury Police Department, Faschan admitted he detonated a 2-pound bomb near Lake Lackawanna, Benagh said.

“Faschan further described other explosive devices he had built, including a device that contained BB fragmentation,” wrote the agent. “Faschan further stated that when making bombs he used and mixed potassium perchlorate, aluminum powder and tannerite. Faschan further stated that he had multiple firearms located as his residence and provided the combination for a safe that contained firearms.”

Detailed Diaries

The complaint details the materials and devices found, in Faschan’s home, that authorities assert the man used – or planned to use – to make bombs. They said a search of a laptop computer in the home showed “an Internet history that included Web pages related to firearms, ammunition and silencers.”

Also discovered were five diaries in which Faschan wrote about acquiring guns, remote detonators for explosives and fireworks, chemicals including potassium perchlorate and aluminum powder, said authorities.

“Things are going to get interesting,” he wrote, adding a smiley emoticon, according to the ATF. “I ordered 6” by 1” diameter shiny red tubes that look like old-school sticks of dynamite.”

To see the federal complaint against Faschan, click herepdf.

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