ROXBURY, NJ - The upcoming U18 Fistball World Championships, taking place at Horseshoe Lake Park, are not expected to cause any major traffic problems for Roxbury, said Roxbury Township Manager John Shepherd today.

Although the international event, which runs July 11 through July 15, will bring quite a few newcomers to the township, Shepherd said he doesn't foresee traffic tie-ups on Eyland Avenue or other nearby roads.

The manager also said there will be no notable increase in police presence. However, he said the township is ready to adapt if larger-than-anticipated crowds or traffic take place.

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Shepherd was among a number of township officials who joined with members of the United States Fistball Association at a joint press conference today to officially announce the championships.

With sights set on the Olympic stage, having the championships held in the United States is a “big step” according to Adam Werner, director of the United States Fistball Association’s Northeast Region.

Roxbury Mayor Mark Crowley said that both he and the township council are looking forward to great matches.

Fistball, or “volleyball on steroids,” as described by Werner, is a sport where teams of five compete in a court larger than a volleyball court and in which the ball (similar in size to a volleyball) may only be hit once by a player, may not be hit more often than three times altogether may not touch the ground more than once before each blow.

State Assemblyman Anthony Bucco (R-Morris), who also serves as Roxbury township counsel, described the game as “fast paced, interesting, and exciting.”

You can learn more about fistball rules and regulations on the International Fistball Association's website.

For those who have never seen a fistball match before, Werner said that, “Once they see fistball in a highly competitive setting, they’ll be drawn to it.”

There will be an opening ceremony Wednesday at 3:45 p.m. The finals are on the 15th at 5 p.m. with award presentations and a closing ceremony afterward. The games will also be streamed on the Internet here..