Dear Editor:

Neighbors, we’ve learned that elections have consequences, and no truer words could be said of this year’s local race for Scotch Plains Township Council. By now you’ve seen the nasty, mean spirited, untrue statements, positions, and allegations coming from the extreme right wing of the Republican/Tea Party candidates for Council, Bo Vastine, Mickey Marcus, and Llewellyn Jones. Their campaign is consistent and in line with the leadership and views of their local Chairman Al Smith, head of the area’s Tea Party and now of the Scotch Plains Republican Party, as well.

Their method of campaigning is to simply win at any costs, by pitting neighbor against neighbor.

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Have we not seen enough of this unruly and unproductive behavior on the National level, so shame on them for bringing and perpetrating their bitter antics while embarrassing our community. I have said, often over the noise of their tiresome discord, that the governing body’s primary responsibility is to be good caretakers of the citizens tax dollars, keep our local streets safe and clean, while addressing and being mindful of all our citizens needs, from the very youngest to the most senior. Regrettably Councilmen Vastine, Marcus, and Jones and their handlers don’t see it that way. To them it’s about control, not compromise, about intimidation, not civility, about themselves and not the good people of Scotch Plains.

I only ask that you look at their record of service, not their political rhetoric that has been crafted by their leadership. What have they done to make Scotch Plains better? How have they used their respective time on Council to improve our community?

Scotch Plains is a great place to call home, richer for its ethnic diversity and family values, and most importantly a community that shares a common belief that we are better when we care for and respect each other.

I want to share with you that my fondest times as a public servant has been and continues to be the opportunity to personally meet so my you and your families, learning from you and working to address your concerns and issues.

In closing, let me share with you as well a reflective saying that was recently shared with me, and I quote, 'If you want to run fast, run alone, but if you want to go far, walk together.' This election is too important to stay home, I believe our best days are still ahead of us, and that it begins on Election day, Tuesday Nov. 4th.  With that, I’m asking you to support and vote for John Del Sordi, Rose Checchio, and Luisa Bianco for the Township Council of Scotch Plains.

May God bless you, and your families, always, and May God Bless the United States of America.

Kevin Glover
The Township of Scotch Plains