Dear Editor:
I have served on the Scotch Plains Town Council for the last 4 years having been elected in 2010.  
Shortly after being elected, I began to realize that the small group of people involved in “leading” and organizing the town Democratic party had motives that I felt were based on their own self-interest and political gain rather than the best interest of the residents of Scotch Plains.
I was elected as a Democrat, but my allegiance was to the people of Scotch Plains, not to a particular political party.
As I continued to serve on the council, I experienced many instances of demands made by the Democratic party leaders such as Louis Beckerman, Linda Stender and Kevin Glover upon me.  I was lobbied and pressured to make decisions that were based on agreeing with their self-interest and purely political partisan views on issues involving the Scotch Plains Town Council.

I refused to capitulate to their demands.  I have always made the decisions that I felt were best for our town regardless of the intense pressure that these people constantly put on me to do what they wanted me to do to please them.  I am very proud of this fact.  I can tell you from my own experience with this group of people that Scotch Plains is better off without their involvement in our town affairs.
I have always felt that my job as a councilman is to represent all of the residents of Scotch Plains the best that I can without regard to partisan politics. I have worked hard on the council on the issues we have faced for the last 4 years.  During that time, I have seen how the functions of the council have been severely hampered by the actions, decisions and behavior of Kevin Glover.  
On countless occasions, many Scotch Plains residents have expressed to me their utter disgust about Kevin Glover while he was a councilman and since he has been mayor. I understand how these residents feel and why they feel that way.
I am very fortunate that the Republican organization in Scotch Plains does not engage in the same type of counter-productive behavior and philosophy that the Democratic leaders in Scotch Plains do. We work to find solutions to the issues we face and strive to act in the town’s best interest, not the best interest of a political party.  I am proud to be part of the Republican ticket in my re-election campaign.
One of the reasons that I am running for re-election to the Scotch Plains Town Council is that I feel an obligation to continue my efforts to speak as an independent voice of reason for the people of Scotch Plains at a time when our town sorely needs representatives willing to do so.  We need to have council people who act without regard to politics or vindictiveness as evidenced by the behavior and actions of Kevin Glover.
I feel as disgusted as many other residents do about the incompetence, lack of leadership and childish behavior that Kevin Glover has demonstrated on the council and as mayor.  The Democrats on the council, including Colleen Gialanella, complain about our town as if it is a horrible place to live, rather than find ways to improve our town by working together with all involved in the process. They both act to criticize, demean people and patronize all of us involved in town government and town administration.  They prefer to engage in partisan political battles instead of finding solutions to work together for the good of our community.
Rather than complain incessantly about our town and the issues we face in Scotch Plains, while heaping praise about other towns as Kevin Glover and Colleen Gialanella do at council meetings, I try to find good solutions to the issues we face in Scotch Plains. Unlike Mr. Glover and Ms. Gialanella, I grew up in this town. My experience living in Scotch Plains as a child, and now as an adult, has been great and has benefitted me substantially while serving on the town council.
Our town is made up of many good people who live here and work here and take great pride in our town. The overwhelming majority of people that I know consider living in Scotch Plains to be a great experience.
The three Democrats who are presently running for town council, Del Sordi, Checchio and Bianco have waged a campaign solely based on negativity and criticizing myself and my two running mates. They and their political handlers seek to discredit me, Bo Vastine and Llewellyn Jones by using lies, distortions and making things up to try to get their candidates elected.
The three candidates representing the Democrats offer no solutions to our town. We don’t need more political opportunists in Scotch Plains to serve on the Town Council. Look at the people who have been speaking on behalf of these three candidates. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to figure out why their supporters want to get these unqualified candidates elected – they will benefit themselves by doing so.
The election today is crucial to the future of our town. I very much appreciate all of the support that the people of Scotch Plains have given to me during the last 4 years as a member of the town council. I look forward to continuing to serve the residents of our town and doing my best to keep Scotch Plains a great place to live.
Today, I ask for your support to vote to re-elect Mickey Marcus, Bo Vastine and Llewellyn Jones to the Scotch Plains Town Council. Thank you.
Councilman Michael “Mickey” Marcus
Scotch Plains