Dear Editor:

I’m very sad that my twins who are seniors will miss their proms, senior send off festivities, graduation- and are uncertain If they will actually be able to attend the colleges that they worked so hard to get accepted to in September. 

But posting how sad we are, how unfair and devastating this is, does not teach the underlying message that we all have to take from this. THIS IS THE GRADUATING CLASS THAT IS SAVING LIVES. HOW ABOUT THAT, SENIORS, FOR THE GROUNDING THAT YOU BASE YOUR FUTURE ON?

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Thank you for sacrificing one day at a stadium with 800 people and a second where your name is called so that other people can have their mother, father, sister, grandparent NOT DIE IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS.  

Sadness about missing graduation is NOT THE SAME SADNESS PEOPLE HAVE trying to plan funerals for family gone too soon. 

We have to allow our kids to OWN THE  HONOR of sacrificing graduation for the good of their community. This is an opportunity that can be lost if we don’t pull ourselves out of self pity -- this situation is horrific.

But our response to it will shape the next generation’s understanding of their calling and purpose. Let’s not fall short after all of the work we put in as parents of high school seniors!

Lisa Prester Dressner

Submitted by Karen Rossi
Scotch Plains, NJ