To the Editor:

A couple of weeks ago I wrote and had published a letter to our Assemblyman Gerald Green and our Senator Scutari, asking if Assemblywoman Stender has lost the confidence of the Democrat Party for reelection, how could they allow her to keep her $90,000 county job as Director and Project Manager of the Union County Improvement Authority?

There has been no word from Senator Scutari. However, Assemblyman Green did call my house and left a phone number. I returned the call, but never got a call back from him. 

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On March 16, Green was interviewed by TAPintoSPF (For Assemblyman Jerry Green: Politics Is Business) and was quoted as saying: "I learned people skills -- how to listen and how to communicate. I use those skills in the position I'm in today. The voter is a customer of mine that I have to satisfy if I want to stay in this business."

He further went on to be quoted "The Linda Stender I know worked hand-in-hand with me to bring the right services to the 22nd District." I guess that means providing pension padding for likes of Assemblywoman Stender, along with Fanwood’s Mayor Mahr and Freeholder Mirabella. It would not be a surprise that within a year or two we will have a “connected” person as Recreation and Public Works Directors in Scotch Plains, if not more.

In fact, Assemblyman Green and all those in office have been so successful at keeping our costs down, this is why NJ has the highest property taxes in the nation!

In all fairness Assemblywoman Stender, who is also the Scotch Plains Democrat Chair person is joined by another local Democrat Chair that being Perth Amboy’s Democrat Chairwoman, Leslie Dominguez-Rodriguez in disgrace. She was forced to resign, due to voter fraud in the Perth Amboy’s November City elections.  What is with these Democrats?

Assemblyman Green is too busy doing Democrat Party business to explain his actions not just as he term it to a “customer” but also someone who is his employer. This failure to communicate is something that we are familiar with on a Federal, State, County and local levels.

Once again, Assemblyman please explain allowing tax payer monies to continue to be used for this high paying job of Assemblywoman Stender, if you will not support her for re-election.

I will forward this letter to the media and the Assemblyman, since his finding the time to return my phone call or respond to my previous letter is hard to understand, when one takes into consideration he could give an interview to the media. Therefore, he may feel free to respond to the media so all the taxpayers in District 22 can benefit with his justification/explanation.

Albert Muller
Scotch Plains, NJ