SCOTCH PLAINS/FANWOOD, NJ -- Discussions on the Scotch Plains-Fanwood Neighbors Facebook group page can at times swirl with controversy. However, there is one thing the group seems to always agree on: who the best handyman in town is. Bob Friscia is commonly regarded as the most reliable and affordable handyman in the area.
Friscia has been working on homes for the last 20 years in some capacity and working full-time for the last four years. He enjoys the work because he appreciates the importance and sanctity of his customers’ homes.
“The projects I work on aren't just jobs to me,” said Friscia. “Early on I developed a deep appreciation for my clients. I know that after a hectic day their homes are their retreat.”

Friscia advertises minimally, which is why social media has played a large role in the success of his business in recent years.

The business typically receives high reviews on Facebook. For instance, one user wrote: “A hassle free, timely, reasonably priced, perfectionist, cleans-up-after-himself kinda guy, all while exhibiting excellent work!” Another shared: “I could not be happier with Bob's Handyman Services. His knowledge, work ethic, and general friendliness made my husband and me instantly comfortable with him. His work is good and his prices are fair.”

The handyman is aware of the superb marks he receives online and is pleased with the effect it has had.

“Social media has helped quite a bit to get my name out,” said Friscia. “Every opportunity I get I make sure when responding to a post to say that I am local, fully insured and am registered in the state of New Jersey.”

Friscia started out at Union County College with a liberal arts degree. He started a landscaping service to pay his college bills and the business quickly took off. Following graduation, Friscia continued the business and began to do odd jobs inside the homes of his customers, eventually switching to only inside-the-house jobs.

Before he began working with his hands, Friscia was an assistant buyer of oriental rugs, a computer programmer and even owned a custom picture framing store. But he always came back to handyman jobs.

“No matter what I did full time, eventually on the weekends or nights I was fixing something for someone, somewhere,” said Friscia.

Friscia is a dog lover, but has had a few unfortunate run-ins with homeowners’ dogs. He always tries to make friends with dogs before he gets to work, but has been bitten twice.

“Homeowners never bite but dogs do,” said Friscia jokingly.

He has also had humorous interactions with kids. When he shows up at a home and says his name is Bob and that he fixes thing he is almost always greeted with a reference to Bob the Builder from children.

But when he is not fielding feisty canines or precocious kids, Bob is hard at work. His mission statement is simple: “I treat every homeowner the way that I want to be treated.” Never swindling a customer into replacing an item that doesn’t need to be, Friscia prides himself on his reputation as an honest businessman.  

“For me it is more about doing the right thing for my client -- treat everyone fairly and they will come back,” said Friscia.
Simply put, Friscia’s guarantee is to treat homeowners fairly and offer honest prices. He can be reached through his Facebook page or at