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Bring on Trumpcare


To the Editor:

Many of us realize Obamacare, while it has provided medical insurance for many, is rapidly becoming unsustainable. It is therefore questionable how long it will exist and not collapse under its own weight.  In some cases, the cost of insurance has tripled for some after Obamacare was initiated. We also see the cost of co-pays and deductibles becoming thousands of dollars depending on the plan taken, with the subsidiaries help many with low incomes for the premium cost. But in order to provide funding, things like dictating mandatory coverage for all and increased taxes on some items were required.

In addition, we have seen many insurance companies dropping out of the Affordable Care program. In fact, our medical office only accepts two insurance companies from the exchanges. One wonders when that will become one or none.

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The Republican-led Congress under President Donald Trump is looking at correcting these short comings. These we are told will include some of the more popular items such as maintaining insurance for a child up to 26 years old and a ban on preventing a preexisting condition from being grounds for rejection by an insurance company. Possibly things like insurance coverage that span across state lines, allowing bare bones catastrophic insurance policies, removing of the mandatory coverage requirements and the like are under consideration.

These changes along a number more sound promising, but it is yet to see the impact.

Some time ago I sat down with my then Congressman and asked why is medical and drug coverage so expensive in the USA.  I heard people will actually going up to Canada to by their drugs. I never got a good answer at that point in time and hope this time it is addressed.

I have to admit it is hard to believe that insurance companies can make a profit when individuals pay several thousand dollars for coverage and potentially receive tens of thousands of dollars in benefits.

I hope the Republicans execute the installation of Trumpcare, without these problems, but at present I lack the confidence that they will or can. I see that the problems will exist for either Obamacare or Trumpcare.

However, based on the experience with the start-up of Obamacare, the website was less than stellar, and confusion was rampant.

One way I see to eliminate any problems to the public on roll out is to allow a select group of approximately 500 Americans to use this new law first and de-bug it for at least a year, before Obamacare is discarded for the common man. These individuals are those in the Executive Branch, cabinet, Congress and the Supreme Court. I grant that many are old enough and are on Medicare, but others are not and must feel the pain so they know how to fix the problems before we have to.

The other option is to leave it in place, develop a tried and tested alternate and pull the pin when and if Obamacare fails.

Albert Muller
Scotch Plains, NJ

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